Stress in Daily Life

Stress is one of the common problems that affect almost everyone at some point in our life’s. Sometimes stress affects people positively which helps us avoid danger or adire to deadlines but most of the time stress is a negative feeling that causes memory problems, moodiness, aches and pain. So, what is stress at the first place? Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension that arises from events that make us feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress can affect the mind, body and persons behaviour. Most of the millennials today are faced with stress either in their school, work activities, with friends and family. Stress is ideally a well-known trigger that leads to depression and affects our physical and mental health negatively.

As High school students there are mass amounts of life changing decisions we have to make and challenge we have to face daily in order to head for a better future. These demand and challenges causes a lot of frustrations and hardship that encounters as stress within pupils in the today’s world. It has been proven that at least 8 out of 10 students undergo stress everyday that leads to mental trauma that changes their behaviour, making them feel insecure and restless. Each day stress builds up in a student’s life that can even be carried negatively into their adulthood.

There are two main forms of stress which is acute stress which lasts for a short period of time and secondly the chronic stress which lasts for long term. Most students begin with acute stress that eventually get overwhelmed and leads to chronic stress and ruins our mental and physical health.

Stress depends on the internal and external factors that students face in the day to day lives. There are various external factors that influences stress such as the environment that surrounds us and our relationship with family and friends and internal factors like our body reaction, anxiety, irritability, illogical fear and nervousness. A student who is ambitious or perfectionist gains more stress that other ordinary students as they are more pessimistic than optimistic which is one of the reasons for the cause of stress.

So as students and the upcoming future generations how can be combat against stress that ruins our mental and physical health? There are various strategies to avoid and control stress that is highly beneficial to lead a happy and healthy life. We students should eat healthy diet, get enough sleep and maintain good physical and mental exercises in order to lead a stress-free life. We students should remember to keep our ideas more perspective and be optimistic. Finally, we should surround ourselves with good friends, a good level of activities and enough time to adire to deadlines so that we don’t get into that trap of mental trauma that causes stress.

Stress is a universal problem and psychological process that we all experience. Stress in inevitable so how we can tackle these obstacles depends from each person’s perception and understanding about situations they face. We as students need to learn on how to manage these stresses in order to grow healthy in this ever changing stressful world we live in.

Deepshika Rajendran

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