Art - An Outlet of Expression

It started drawing from my wee years, as it does for any child with a tender mind, but I only started to excel once I switched schools. Art had always been an outlet of expression and freedom to me. A place of joy and a zone of unbound, mindless fluidity. I think for most, that’s the case.

But anyways, the art teacher at my new school focused more on teaching me how to improve, by introducing me to new techniques and taking me out of my comfort zone; rather than just telling me to draw something. I had an aim now. A destination. That way I knew how to journey.

Switching schools also opened me up to more mediums such as acrylic, soft pastels, and charcoal as opposed to regular watercolors and poster paints.

I took the liberty to present my work on Instagram @___.quiescence albeit I wouldn’t say I’ve gained much recognition, because I don’t really know what to measure said recognition by, but all in all, I’m not too worried about that. One reason being, I just like to paint wherever and whenever I want to; my follower base, or the “recognition” I get, doesn’t really affect that.

As for how I feel about painting: it’s just something that I enjoy doing. Frankly, its pretty simple. I just like it. Often times creatives tell us to put bucketloads of meaning into our work. They tell us to not succumb to the emptiness of existence and hence interlace some meaning to our work as it were a cure to the dismal, fractal obscurity of life. I do believe that there is some truth in that, yes, but I believe that this needn’t always be the case.

Art can be whatever you want it to be; be it meaningful, meaningless, or mundane. Anything can only have meaning if you choose to give some to it. And as for me and my work, I don’t bother with meaning. An artist’s job is to present. The interpretation is the viewer’s role. If I were to put into words what I’ve painted, there would be no reason to paint.

Though some of my pieces are driven by idiosyncratic meaning. Oftentimes, I paint, simply because I like to. And if you, who is reading this wants to inquire further, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Instagram @___.quiescence

Anika Siriratna
Grade 12
Asian International School



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