As we all know ⅔ of the Earth's surface is covered with water providing shelter for many animal species. The underwater world is a whole different paradise filled with wonders and tons of mysteries yet to be discovered. Among the wonders, coral reefs hold a very special place as it is the home for 25% of marine life. Coral reefs are simply a whole ecosystem characterized by reef-building corals.


Coral reefs are some of the most valuable and diverse ecosystems on Earth. Coral reefs give life to around 4000 species of fish, 800 species of hard corals, and hundreds of other species. Coral reefs does not only benefit as a house but in many more ways;

As we all know this is the 21st century and probably an era where the development of technology is on the rise, as a result, coral reefs have been taken into experiments to create drugs as possible cures for cancers, arthritis, human bacterial infections...etc.

Not only in the medical field but coral reefs are very beneficial in business sectors such as tourism, fishery, and recreation.

Most importantly coral reefs act as a natural buffer for shorelines against 97% of energy from the waves, storms, and floods preventing the loss of life and property.


Did you know that coral reefs produce ⅔ of the oxygen in the atmosphere? But considering the current state, I wonder if this is still valid. I mean let's face the reality coral reefs are in great danger. Coral reefs are threatened by pollution, diseases, and habitat destruction.

Image: The
Great Barrier
Reef known to
be the largest
coral reef
ecosystem on
earth via

Image: Reefs at risk
from integrated local
treats by region from
WRI( World Resource

Damage of coral reefs or its death affects all parties on Earth, especially marine species who depend on this ecosystem.

Many people talk about protecting the coral reefs but actions speak louder than words. Talking about the endangerment of the corals on social media might be fine, try to go a bit beyond that and help beach recovery efforts by volunteering in beach cleanups and similar events. Therefore, as to my question about “are our natural ventilators healthy”, the answer is as long as we take care of them, they will remain healthy.


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