A Journey towards becoming a Corporate Lawyer!

Upon the successful completion of G C E O/L’s I decided to pursue my advanced level studies in the commerce stream, an area that I am both passionate and skilled in. The strides in academics and extracurricular activities served me in a good manner as it was followed by my appointment as the head prefect of my alma mater, St. Lawrence’s Convent Colombo 06- a stint that taught me invaluable lessons in leadership, self-confidence, management and team work.

As I grew up, I always wanted to excel myself in the corporate industry as well in the legal sector. With that ambition in mind, After the completion of my G C E A/L ‘s, I started ACCA professional qualification. After completing the ACCA advanced diploma in accounting, I enrolled my self for LLB (HONS) LAW degree offered by University of Staffordshire UK at APIIT Sri Lanka as a law degree equips you for almost any profession that requires intellectual strength combined with a practical approach to the world.

Simultaneously, I enrolled at the imperial college of Business studies, for the BA Global Business degree, where I received the opportunity to build my professional & academic skills. This degree program itself was a very unique qualification which provides am academic qualification that over 12 months molds students into work ready graduates.

The best thing about this degree was that it was fully assignment based. Which also helped me to continue my LLB studies with less stress and hassle. Personally, while doing my researches for assignments, I learned a lot about the current market and trends in the business world and I was able to enhance my business analysis skills by looking at real-world scenarios.

The lecture panel at ICBS was compassionate and caring towards the students. The lectures dealt with real-world examples of how the concepts we are learning in class are being applied in the business world. This mode of study inculcates the spirit to stand out amongst the talented and hard-working students. By the end of the program, I realized that it was a total game-changer on how I see and understand things around me.

With the successful completion of my degree at ICBS, currently I am a pursuing my post graduate diploma and MBA in strategic management and leadership offered by the University of Gloucestershire.

I believe my school St. Lawrence’s Convent and Imperial College of Business Studies did prepare me with amazing management skills to organize myself accordingly to take up the most difficult phase in my life while achieving my goals. With the supportive management at ICBS, taking my LLB at APIIT simultaneously I would say it was a great opportunity.

Nawodya Dias

BA Global Business
LLB – Final Year
ACCA – Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Finance