Canvases and paint - Brushes and Smudges

Sometimes we just don’t look hard enough. We don’t know what we’re capable of until we’re put to the test. And I didn’t know I could draw until I was given a canvas.
I’ve always felt like something was missing. Deep down, something felt out of place. It was as if I was a puzzle that needed to be put together except, I didn’t know what that last missing piece was. But now I know what was wrong. We all have a burning passion embedded into the fringes of our soul. The sort of passion that stirs the fire in our hearts and brings life to our actions. And mine was art. The process of building color out of whiteness and the birthing of meaning from blankness. That was my passion.

I was given a canvas and frankly, I was a snowball stumbling down a hill; as I rolled and rolled over the road of art, my skills only grew wider and more intricate. As my newfound passion grew stronger and the constant practice to get better at it polished my talent to finery, I found myself contemplating on new forms of art.

Initially, I worked with canvases and paint. I worked with brushes and smudges of color on a canvas; trying to build something beautiful out of nothing. Later on, I experimented with color pencils and digital methods. I didn’t let myself flutter around the same forms of art but I think it’s safe to say that my signature style is digital fashion illustrations. Being a girl, I absolutely adore fashion and love contributing to its image in whichever way I can.

My family and friends greatly supported me and their motivations kept me at my craft. I hoped to broaden my audience and see how people outside my vicinity react to my work and hence, opened myself an Art page on Instagram- @theart_addict.

The results have been overwhelming. People I don’t know and haven’t seen compliment my work and reach out to me to help me in many little ways. The support of so many individuals as such has been jawbreakingly insane.

I like being creative. But even more, I like the process of creation. The steps that need to follow into building a piece of color and meaning out of nothing is not something insignificant. It’s something I greatly enjoy doing. And if you, who is reading this wants to inquire further or needs a custom artwork done; please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram @theart_addict!

Leyana Dabare
Gr. 13
St. Bridget’s Convent


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Girl in a jacket     3 Comments

Girl in a jacket   
    Viyana Semaratne

    June 16 2021 06:12 pm

Really creative and outstanding. Wish you all the best to keep it up nanga.

Girl in a jacket   
    Oshenie Deanna

    June 16 2021 09:18 pm

Woooow. Well done akki. Keep it up.

Girl in a jacket   

    June 18 2021 10:27 am


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