Everyone out there knows me as Nafees and I’m an ambitious guy who wants to take Sri Lankan products global. It all started with a computer scholarship. Me and a bunch of my friends at school got a partly paid scholarship for a computer course the same year I had to face the grade 5 scholarship. Somebody told my mom “let him focus on his Grade 5 scholarship” and not let me spend 2 hours out of the time I was supposed to study at the tuition class practicing past papers. Luckily, my mom gave me a thumbs up and thereafter, I spent the saturday morning at computer classes and the rest at the scholarship tuition while my peers at class stayed there the whole day. Believe me or not, I completed the computer course and passed the examination and got selected to a school in colombo which was my ultimate goal for some reason. Since then, my life has been full of interesting projects. I was famous at school for getting the complicated stuff done. I never got the easy chores at school. I always got the most complex and time taking projects at school such as designing magazines, scripting radio programs, graphic designing and participating in competitions based on inventions and technology and arts and crafts as well while managing to study and earn good results as well. Since then, I never hesitated to do what I wanted whether it be studies or extra curricular stuff. All what helped me was my planning which made me manage my time efficiently while enjoying life as all of us do. I was that student at school who stayed at the IT lab whenever possible with the projects I had to complete. I never wanted to do the same at my ALs but again, I had to custom design a live QUIZ show at school as the chief event organizer and that was just 3 months away from Advanced level Examination. All these experiences gave me the courage to multitask and reach where I am now. The most recent of my achievements was to earn a finance qualification and the BA International business and finance was the perfect fit for it. This qualification brought me a lot of new experiences, friends, and a handful of exposure into the business world. Thus I am always ready to challenge any challenges on my way. I am a final year undergraduate student at The Open University of Sri Lanka following a BSc degree and a BA (International Business and Finance) UWS graduate studied at imperial College as well as a part qualified CIMA student and founder of TALENT POOL envisioned to take cutting edge Sri Lankan products and brands global through crowdsourcing. As an entrepreneur, I face so many challenges but never get tired of them because I love challenging the challenges.

Mohamed Nafees

Business Ventures:
Founder TALENT POOL [Crowdsourcing platform]
Peacock Crafts [Crafting equipment manufacturing]

Schools Attended:
St. Sebastian’s College, Wattala[Primary]
Asoka College, Colombo 10 [Secondary]
D.S. Senanayake College, Colombo 07 [Advanced Level]

Universities Attended:
University of West of Scotland [BA (International Business and Finance] @ Imperial College of Business Studies
The Open University of Sri Lanka [BSc. (Chemistry major) Final Year]

Professional Qualifications:
CIMA (UK) Part qualified

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