Sahan Peiris

Skewed with a taste for relentless improvement, the ventures he took upon brought him to places of which he couldn’t have imagined on his own. The aim of which that took this young man to the highest of heights, came from hankering after a better him; the best him; and then again, a better than the best him.

This young man is Sahan Peiris; and his story is one of a kind. Schooled at Royal College Colombo, Sahan went on to represent his school in many exceptional places; and then even our motherland.
Diving and Gymnastics may not be amongst the most trending sports in our country; but it certainly retains a colossal amount of global recognition. Besides that, they are highly competitive and heavily funded sports. And this young chap shared a deep affinity to these sports.

Sahan did not only acquire the pleasure of representing his Alma Mater and motherland in these sports, but also made some legendary memories and met many eminent individuals. Listed below are a summary of his most ambitious accomplishments.


Represented Sri Lanka at the XXI Commonwealth Games (Gold Cost 2018) in Diving
Secured 2 Bronze medals at the South Asian Aquatic Championships 2016
Captained the Sri Lanka Diving team in 2019 at the Asian Age Group Championships.
Captained the Sri Lanka under-19 gymnastics team at the Asian Junior Championships.
6 times National Diving Champion.
2 times National Gymnastics Runner-up.
1st Royalist in School History to receive Double Crowns in a single year.


Imagine standing alongside Asian champions, European Champions, Olympic Medalists; imagine your heart pulsing its way up your throat as you stand toe to toe with a cavernous urge to claim the trophy.
The act in itself, irrespective of its result, is one of legend. The sheer privilege of engaging in a sport and ascending to the highest of its standards alone is something next to impossible. But this man did it.
In his humility, Sahan declares that he was extraordinarily lucky to have competed alongside individuals of such talent; furthermore, he says, his competitors came from countries capable of training them to the highest degree in that particular field and it was therefore, very intimidating.

His source of motivation comes from the idea of bettering himself; as his veins pump gasoline into his flesh, buttering his body for the next big event, he thinks to himself of his old records; his earlier scores; and he decides to beat them.

The unending desire to top his level best is what helped this young man ascend to such prodigious heights. Because in the end, as he says, the only thought that he’d like to cling onto is the fact that he did his best; he’s only happy to step off the arena if he’s given everything that he has to offer.

In addition to his will, what gets him going and sticking to the hustle is the honor in representing his Alma Mater at an Interschool level and his Motherland at an International level.

Sahan, is now a Degree holder from the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) educated at Imperial College of Business Studies and also a CIMA graduate. He is leading a life of content and in high spirits.

Talent alone doesn’t make you great. The effort you put in to polish that talent and the values you stand for as that talent brings you success is what defines your true character and for Sahan, his character is of one that is impeccable. May he prosper in his future endeavors.

Sahan Peiris

Written by
Inuka de Silva




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