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The student council of Imperial College of Business Studies has been one of the main reasons recently for the college to be known as one of the fastest growing institutes in Sri Lanka. Imperial College of Business Studies is well known for shaping a student to a well-rounded individual by helping them go beyond boundaries, finding themselves and by providing necessary support and guidance in every possible way. The Student Council of the college with a diversified group of students, getting together as one from helping each other to being there for each other has been playing a major role.

Having a number of new applicants trying to get in to the fun and energetic council every year, each and every person’s application is being evaluated and checked fairly and thoroughly before the recruitment is done.

Having a set of new members entering in, the council believes that they are stronger together as a family more than just a club or a society. The flat hierarchy maintained by the council where even though a very fun and outgoing lecturer of the college, Ms. Chanusha Jayawardne is leading the team, It’s never a student teacher relationship there. Every member is treated the same and given equal opportunities in everything starting from voicing out their opinions, coming up with different ideas, to contributing to projects. Behind every successful project, there is a strong plan, team spirit, dedication and commitment poured in by every single student in the council to ensure that they achieve what they wanted to and of course a lot of snacking and inside jokes to be hidden behind the scenes. 

CIMA Sports Day 2019 has always been one of the most unforgettable, proudest moment for the council. Entering in as one of the least recognized for sports, going through criticisms, and having been looked down at, the members got together, kept their goals straight and worked towards it as a family. They say there were times where they had to sacrifice sleeps, stay in hunger but everything was worth it when they emerged as the champions and got to take the trophy home.
Playing against 11 other strong teams and winning the championship of the 9th edition of the Red Bull Campus Cricket was a result of dedication, passion, love for what they do and the family spirit among the council as well as the college as a whole.

Not just sports, but also every single event organized by the student council is packed with a lot of innovation, effort and hard work. Events such as Imperial night, which brought out the hidden talents of students from singing to dancing, covid jingle with an extremely unique concept since they had to celebrated christmas virtually, Virtual Wesak Lantern competition and Virtual Baila Session were organized to provide students with a diversified experience even though most of them were virtual given the pandemic situation.They didn’t just stop with entertainment.

Imperial college of Business studies has a culture of giving back to the society, which is followed by the student council of the college as well. “Manusathkaara” was a project done by the members of the council in which over 10,000 masks and sanitizers were distributed to the people in need to survive the pandemic and the second phase of the very same project was implemented during the Sinhala and Tamil new year where the members surprised the less fortunate on the streets with a pack of clothes as a new year present. Despite the difficulties phased by almost everyone in a situation like this, the council decided to spread some love and positivity through a “seenisambola paan dansal”.

Every project to events organized is not just a simple project or an event, but the members live with the plan to bring out every single aspect in a way they wanted to project it. They also say that they are now well experienced in almost everything starting from dubbing, dancing, singing, event planning, debating, competing and most importantly taking up any challenge and turning them into an opportunity to bring in the strength within them, which they once thought was a weakness.

The reason behind all the praises and the success is only because they are not just a group of individuals together calling themselves as a council but a family who laughs together, cries together, eats together, some scolding and advices here and there but is always together.


   “Together we stand;
    Together we fall;
       Together we’re winners
      And the winners take all


-Shadhurshini Dushanthan-                                                                                                                   



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