32 years of undisputed excellence in education

Only college in the region to have 2 premium accredited CIMA learning centres, an assurance of quality.

Postgraduate qualifications from a public University in the UK with a Business

School ranking of 72 (Complete University Guide 2019)

MBAs customised to suit the needs of the market, different educational backgrounds and work experience

The MBA will enhance your technical and academic knowledge whilst developing the key transferable skills valued by employers.

A unique mix of full time academia and lecturers with professional and international teaching experience, enhancing the student learning experience

Exposure and opportunity to interact with leading industry CEOs and entrepreneurs Imperial College of business studies

Interactive classrooms with personalised attention and distinctive learning and teaching experiences supported by professionally relevant knowledge exchange and enterprise.

A culture where students are supported to be highly motivated, creative and collaborative.

The only college to have fully-fledged digital learning facilities (Active Learning Suites) in both Colombo and Kandy ensuring a unique student experience.

The option for students to attend the graduation at the University in UK.